Winning Baseball Presents Download 10 Improving Arm Strength, Body Power, Body Strength, Quickness, Speed, and Agility

Winning Baseball Presents Download 10 Improving Arm Strength, Body Power, Body Strength, Quickness, Speed, and Agility
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Winning Baseball

“Arm Strength, Body Power, Quickness, Agility, and Flexibility”

Download #10:  Arm Strength, Body Power, Quickness, Agility, and Flexibility

Price US$ 29.99

Complete 1 hour Downloadable DVD Video:  

1 hr Elite Training Video Download Content Highlights:

This DVD download has 100% information that is NOT included on the Winning baseball book 2 DVD.  

  • Advanced  Training –  Note: This DVD does not have a menu.  You will have to forward to the following stopping points listed beside each item. 

    • Example static Stretching routine (upper and lower body)

    • Example dynamic stretching routine (Start at 5:47)

    • Example lower body strength exercises (Start at 11:12)

    • Example upper body strength exercises (Start at 15:43)

    • Example lower body power exercises (start at 21:23)

    • Example upper body power exercises (24:53)

    • Example abdominal training (26:01)

    • Example arm strength:  Off-Season Throwing Routine 

      • Phase 1: Raise Body Temperature (29:06)

      • Phase 2: Dynamic Stretching (30:32)

      • Phase 3: Rotator Cuff Exercises (34:36)

      • Phase 4: Throwing Drills (40:43)

      • Phase 5: Scapula Exercises (46:43)

      • Phase 6: Static Stretching (50:45)

    • In-Season practice and game throwing routine (52:31)

Price US$ 29.99

This earth shattering download technology is nothing short of a DREAM come TRUE for Coaches, Parents, and Players across the world!!!!  Each Winning Baseball E-Book and Instructional DVD’s are NOW fully downloadable and will play with active menus, chapters, etc on ANY digital device (Apple or Android)!  This includes smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.  Now you can take Coach Mongero with you to your practices, games, and/or individual workouts!  Download as much as you would like at a time, store it to your device or “cloud” to free up space, and then access it again and again any time in the future you want! Simply download and it’s yours!  Forever! It does not get any easier than that!

Winning Baseball has a “Five Star” Rating on Amazon with over 30 reviews combined between both books.   

Ray Tanner, the Head Coach of the University of South Carolina and Back-to-Back DI National Champions tabbed Winning Baseball as

“…The best baseball instructional series I have ever seen.”


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